We are a local PA company, founded in 1963 by an Italian family with a love of baking. Benvenuti’s started as a small family bakery in Carnegie PA and expanded to dough making in 1981 with K.B. Pizza Inc. 

      Our pizza dough comes from a long history of doing things the right way. The traditions of dough making and baking were passed down through three generations, starting with Angelo Benvenuti in Italy. Our sauce is made in-house , and our special 3-cheese blend of mozzarella, provolone, and white cheddar is made specifically for our pizzas. You won’t find these flavors anywhere else!

      Unlike most pizza crusts, KB Pizza’s par-baked crusts are handmade. Our lengthy aging process ensures a consistent taste and texture, and the bottoms of our crusts are uniquely marked with crevices for authentic, crispy texture when baked. 

      We pride ourselves in making the freshest dough, everyday. Our families love it, and we are sure yours will too.

      Included in each master fundraising packet is a list of suggested recipes for you and your family to try at home. This is also available on our website for every student to print at home. Use your favorite fresh, frozen, or whatever ingredients are lying around the house. If you make a new family favorite pizza make sure to send us the recipe, and you could be featured in our next fundraising kit!

      Have more questions before you start your fundraiser? Send an email to [email protected] or visit our contact section and send us a message. We will get back to you ASAP!


12” Cheese Pizza [PACK OF 2] $16.00

Time-tested and true, and crispy too. This two pack of our very best thin crust cheese pizzas comes with two 5oz. packets of in-house sauce, two 5oz. packets of our famous 3-cheese blend, and two par-baked 12” thin pizza crusts. Top it however you choose with any fresh or frozen ingredients in your house!

12” Pepperoni Pizza [PACK OF 2] $19.00

Crispy and thin, what more could you want? Pepperoni, of course! Our famous two pack thin crust pepperoni pizza kit includes two of our 5oz. packets of in-house sauce, two 5oz. packets of our famous 3-cheese blend, two par-baked 12” thin pizza crusts, and two 1oz. packages of our pepperoni, packed for freshness.


12” Cheese Pizza [PACK OF 2] $16.00

Our classic, most popular pizza! Our cheese pizza kit comes with two 5oz. packets of in-house sauce, two 5 oz. packets of our famous 3-cheese blend, and two par-baked 12” traditional pizza crusts.  Top it however you choose with any fresh or frozen ingredients in your house, or leave it cheesy for a dinner that brings a smile to everyone at the table.

12” Pepperoni Pizza [PACK OF 2] $19.00

Traditional crust pepperoni pizza – “Our classic with a twist! Our pepperoni pizza kit comes with two 5oz. packets of in-house sauce, two 5oz. packets of our famous 3-cheese blend, two par-baked 12” traditional pizza crusts, and two 1oz. packages of our pepperoni, packed for freshness. Add bacon, sausage, and cut up some meatballs for the ultimate meat lovers pizza!


5” Cheese Pizza [PACK OF 5] $11.50

Every kid’s favorite: our build your own cheese pizza kit! Enjoy a personal serving of our famous cheese pizza, decorated your way. Our Bambino Cheese Pizza Kits includes five par-baked 5” crusts, 5oz. of our favorite red sauce, and 5oz. of our 3-cheese blend. Guaranteed to make your child (and their four favorite friends) dream of cheese!

5” Pepperoni Pizza [PACK OF 5] $13.00

Our kids’ favorite with a twist: pepperoni! Enjoy your own personal sized pizza on fresh baked dough topped to perfection with cheese, red sauce, and pepperoni (and anything else you’d love!) Each kit includes five par-baked 5” pizza crusts, 5oz. of our favorite red sauce, 5oz. of our 3-cheese blend, and 1oz. of pepperoni. Keep the whole family happy and order more than one kit; we promise you’ll be stealing bites all night!


Cheesy Breadsticks $14.00

A family favorite for grandparents to children alike. We mix garlic and other italian seasonings into our famous pizza dough and slice it into 5 generous sized breadsticks. Bake them plain, customize them by adding cheese or more Italian seasonings, and dip them into our favorite red sauce for an extra bite. Breadstick kits include two clusters of our 5 breadstick bundles, two 5oz. packets of our in-house red sauce, and 5oz. of our 3-cheese blend to top with.


Our pizza kits have been kid-tested and kid-approved from the very beginning! Our affiliated company, K.B. Pizza Inc, has been supplying par-baked and fresh pizza dough to the delight of 300+ public schools throughout PA, OH, and NY. Our fundraising kits are designed to give you the most profit-per-item of any other pizza fundraiser available, our prices are budget friendly, and we deliver quality products that last! Our modified atmosphere packaging keeps your pizza kits fresh for up to 30 days refrigerated and 4 months frozen!

Breadsticks do not come in MAP packaging. Please store for a maximum of 10 days refrigerated 6 months frozen.

There are no peanut or peanut particles involved in any step of our manufacturing process, making all of our kits peanut-allergy friendly! Our products do contain wheat, gluten, and milk.

Delivery will be free for orders of over 100 items. Fundraisers that sell less than 100 items will have a small delivery fee based on the location. We will never refuse to deliver any order, no matter how small.

Every item sold earns your group or individual 30% or more in profit. Items and corresponding profits are listed below:

Traditional Cheese – $5 profit

Traditional Pepperoni – $6 profit

Thin and Crispy Cheese – $5 profit

Thin and Crispy Pepperoni – $6 profit

Bambino  Cheese – $3.50 profit

Bambino Pepperoni – $4 profit

Breadsticks – $4.50 profit

On average, we tell organizations that the fundraiser is an 8 week process. 1 week for setting your group up with order forms and any other materials you might need, 4 weeks to SELL SELL SELL, 1 week to confirm orders and organize your accounts, and 2 weeks for delivery and final payout. If you’d like to continue the fundraiser for longer, just contact [email protected] and she can guide you through extending the process.

The pizza kits can be stored up to 30 days refrigerated, 6 months frozen. Breadsticks do not come in MAP packaging. Please store for a maximum of 10 days refrigerated, 4 months frozen. 

At the moment, K.B. Pizza fundraisers are only available to those who live in the greater Pittsburgh area. We are hoping to expand soon! If you have questions about eligibility, please contact [email protected] for more info.

There are never any hidden fees to sell our K.B. Pizza kits. The only additional costs would be for smaller delivery orders, based on location.

Absolutely. We can decide on a specific date for delivery first and schedule the fundraiser to fit in that time period. We do ask for a 2 week window in between the final closure of the fundraiser and the delivery date. If nighttime delivery is needed, dates may need to be flexible.

At the moment, we cannot offer pre-pack for any orders. This is a service we are working on for the future, so please bear with us. When you begin your fundraiser, remember to recruit at least 2-3 parents to help sort pizza kits on delivery day so pick-up operates seamlessly.

Baking instructions are included on every package. We also have the instructions for each kit listed on our website under the FAQ section (available even after your fundraiser has finished!) Our nutritional information can be found on our website below the downloadable PDF version of our FAQs. We also print our nutrition and ingredient labels on every pizza kit. 

All of our suggested recipes are available for download/print anytime through our website https://benvenutispizzafactory.com/fundraising. If you
have a great idea for a new recipe, email it to us at [email protected], and you just might see your own recipe online next season!
You can reach out to [email protected] Monday through Friday and let us know your group is interested in participating in a Benvenuti’s Pizza fundraiser OR visit our contact us section and leave us a message with your contact details. We will reach out to you shortly!

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